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Healthcare Marketing Experts



SkyBridge Advisory Group is a team of accomplished healthcare marketing professionals who are transforming healthcare marketing as we know it. Specializing in the pharmaceutical, MedTech, life sciences, and biotech industries. From startups to Fortune 500 giants, we consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients. 


It all starts by reaching out to see how we can help.  Contact us today for a free consultation, all you have to lose is a little of your time.

Your success is our success.

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LEAD with Strategy

Success does not happen by accident, it happens on purpose through purpose. 

Our unique approach considers all market factors. New competition, ever-changing regulation, the rise of new technology (yes, we saw telemedicine coming!), affordability, and the noise of a recovering market are just a few of the external factors we consider. 

We are also living in a digital-first world, thanks to the pandemic, and most healthcare marketers are feeling overwhelmed and exposed.

The team at SkyBridge Advisory Group has been the go-to for numerous organizations in transition as well. Whether backfilling for marketing leadership or trying to build a marketing team from scratch, we know how to deliver on all levels.


We are marketing experts who specialize in the pharmaceutical, MedTech, life sciences, and biotech industries. Our proven model for delivering results begins by understanding your organization and what drives the opportunities and challenges you are facing.

We are problem solvers. As Einstein himself once said:


“If I had an hour to solve a problem I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions."

What are your opportunities and challenges? Here are a few we often solve for:

  • HCP engagement, education, and activation

  • Elevating your brand to become the brand of choice 

  • Inserting your therapy within the treatment paradigm

  • Competing against other therapies in a me-too market and winning

  • Sorting through the noise of generics to penetrate the market with a new therapy

  • Engaging patients and caregivers to recognize the signs and symptoms of a specific condition to be treated

  • Empowering patients and caregivers to request a brand or therapy by name

  • Driving new patient starts

  • Driving adherence

  • Field sales targeting that identifies true potential

  • Sales enablement tools and programs that deliver results

  • Marketing tech stack  that delivers a full view of customer

  • Identifying and activating KOL’s

  • Falling behind in a digital-first world

  • Don't have a strategy or plan

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Our team of marketing experts has successfully navigated all the above and much, much more.

Contact us today and we’ll review your current marketing strategies and plans for free. If we think we can help, we’ll let you know and will outline a plan of action. If not, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 

Your success is our success.


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Healthcare Marketing Experts

The team of healthcare marketing consultants at SkyBridge Advisory Group was once in your shoes, facing the challenges of delivering HCP, patient, and caregiver engagement and adoption. Reaching and engaging HCPs, patients, and caregivers continues to become increasingly more difficult year after year. The root cause for these continued struggles in healthcare marketing is rather simple, regulation lags far behind technology.  


How do we solve this dilemma? Understanding not only the technology but knowing how to engage an audience in a compliant manner. Regulation is in place to help guide and protect one's personal information while staving off potential collusion and inducement of HCPs. Knowing the rules and the technology equally has created a significant strategic advantage for us and our clients. 

Whether you are looking to capture share in a competitive environment, or market a therapy for a rare and underserved condition, we have successfully navigated all of the above.



“We were lost until the team at SkyBridge took the reigns and led us to the most successful launch our organization has seen.”

VP Product Management

Darius L.

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