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A significant challenge in today's market is understanding who the target customer really is. Targeting is the starting point for all commercial activity. In short, if you don’t know who you should be talking to then what are you trying to say?. 

Targeting takes on many forms depending on industry. In the pharmaceutical industry most use what is known as decile analysis. In other medtech circles, targets, market baskets, and opportunities all mean the same thing - a potential customer.


Targeting is not a random list pulled from a web search, it is a thoughtful analysis of markets, competitors, and areas of need, gaps, and opportunities. 

Targeting is specific to a given organization, not general to an industry. This is where targeting falls apart in most industries.


Without identifying areas of opportunity, where others may have a blind spot, everyone is knocking on the same doors. In time it all becomes noise and everyone loses.


That is not to say there won’t be overlap with good targeting. There very well may be. Bright minds think alike. Even if there is overlap, that overlap is not driven by the same analytical methodologies. The “why” behind our process is where there is significant separation.

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In short, the conversations driven by our targeting are specific to the goals and objectives of a target customer - not a generic spray and pray list with little or no insights.


Good targeting not only identifies who an organization should be engaging, it also defines the opportunity in a manner that quantifies the size of the potential return.


Our proprietary means of targeting via our Quadrant Business Analysis™ (QBI) ensures our clients not only see opportunity, they are given a roadmap of whom to engage and how to engage them.


Who are you targeting? Let’s connect to ensure you are seeing the whole picture.

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