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Brand Planning

Brand Planning. Business Planning. That magical planning discussion that creeps up on us all. It is a necessary evil that comes when you least expect it, and are least prepared to take it on when it's time.


You may or may not be surprised to hear that most organizations do NOT have a formal brand or business plan. Or maybe you are not surprised to hear this as your organization does not have one either.

Let's think about this - most businesses want to grow, correct? Most businesses want to succeed, correct? Then why do so many not have an annual plan in place? 

Planning takes time and insights that are hard to come by if you don't know where to look. Constructing a winning plan takes experience that only comes from drafting plan after plan after plan.

Our healthcare marketing consultants know what a winning plan looks like as they have driven the planning process on both the client side and the consulting and services side. This rare experience is why our plans perform so well time and time again.

Making Posters
Colleagues Going Over Plans

We not only know how to design a winning plan, what data to look for, and what insights to leverage, we know what the pitfalls are of the planning process in general. Assumptions that are not validated, wishful thinking, unsubstantiated forecasts, these are just a few of the challenging elements we successfully sort though in our planning process.

Our planning begins with VOC - voice of customer. If you don't listen to what your current or potential customers are saying you are doomed to fail.  From there we look at the market, where is the growth, where is the market challenged. Once we have a baseline or benchmark, we draft a SWOT.

The rest of the process depends on where the opportunity is, internal or external, and what it will take to get there.

Let's create a winning plan for your business.

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