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VC & PE Guidance

Identifying the right opportunity for investment requires a specific set of skills and experience. Having to run an operation is something altogether different. Many of our VC and PE clients like to function as operators, managing their investments hands-on. It makes sense to want oversight of an enterprise you have invested in. That said, it also makes sense to team with a talented and seasoned group who are experts in commercial strategy and execution.

SkyBridge Advisory Group can be your most valued partner, ensuring the success of your investments. Whether it is hacking demand, commercialization, or growth, we have it covered.


We have worked closely with numerous venture capital and private equity firms as advisors, consultants, and operators of their respective investments. From biotech home-testing kits that are not regulated, to class 3 medical devices that require significant oversight. Our team is second to none.


Let’s connect and talk about your investments. Your success is our success. 

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