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We live in a digital first world.  This raises the question:  why has it taken so long for our industry to see this? How organizations leverage digital moving forward will redefine their place in the market. SkyBridge Advisory Group wrote the book on digital strategy in healthcare and look forward to creating a winning strategy for your organization.

Own Digital

We all know how the story goes: the pandemic changed the way we consume just about everything, but we saw this coming. We live in an Amazon world, the pandemic simply fast forwarded us to a place we all knew would be here someday.

Now the focus has shifted from other industries to healthcare. Whether medical device, pharma, biotech, and everything in-between, leaders and investors expect our industry to fall in line with all others and not only embrace digital, but to excel at it.

The rules of engagement differ drastically from our industry to others. Regulation for one creates a significant series of challenges when it comes to delivering results in a digital first world. The biggest challenge of which is the fact that regulation was developed for a NON-Digital marketplace. 

Regulation lags far behind what the market needs. This challenge has created problems for most. We see this as opportunity.

Mobile Phone

We have been leaders in this space for over 10 years now, leading the digital revolution in healthcare marketing. We paved the roads with partners like Medscape, Doximity, Aptus, Digilant, and many more. Not only that, we sit on the advisory boards of many of these great digital and media companies, leading and advising on market trends and how to use regulation as a tool not a hinderance. 

Most healthcare marketers have been shielded from the digital revolution as digital was secondary to other communication strategies. Digital was something a "digital person" spoke to, hidden behind the veil of unintelligible "digital speak". Those days are gone and most healthcare marketers are far behind the curve. 


There is now a clear expectation from leadership and investors that healthcare marketers will not only embrace digital, that become experts. This is one of the most significant gaps we have supported in the last few years. The healthcare marketer has a lot of plates spinning, adding digital is sending the plates crashing to the ground. 

Leverage our expertise! We are digital leaders and innovators.

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